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Minimalism magazine issue 19

B&W Minimalism Magazine 19

  B&W Minimalism Magazine 19     Featuring Minimalist artists: Alexandre Manuel, Emilija Petrauskiene, Eric Frey, Antigone Kourak...

Interview Nathan Wirth

  Hello, Nathan, we hope you are well. Please briefly tell us about yourself. First and foremost, I am a 52-year-old father and husband.  I am also a...
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Hesamadin Bagheri Kafash

Hesamadin Bagheri Kafash

There has been music in Iran and the Middle East for a long time, and this art has undergone many changes due to political and historical changes. The form ...
Thierry Salmon

Thierry Salmon

  Lands of Hesbaye Being color blind, long time it held me back from being engaged into artist works to express my emotion towards the world. Moving ...
Stavros Stamatiou

Stavros Stamatiou

  “A raven's dream”  The series “A raven's dream” is an attempt to deal with the uncanny (“unheimlich”-), to dive into an age of innocence where ...