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Interview Andreas Pohl

Andreas Pohl Hello Andreas, Congratulations on your success in have the first place in international Sony competition in Architecture/Open section; so please introduce yourself briefly Hi, my name is Andreas Pohl, I was born in East Germany (former GDR) and I am living Berlin. I

Interview Hengki Koentjoro

  Hello Hengki, hope you are well; please briefly tell us about yourself. I’m a fine art photographer base in Indonesia. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California majoring in Video/motion picture and minor in Photography. My day job is in videography

Interview With Pierre Pellegrini

Hello Pierre, hope you are well, please briefly tell us about yourself. After studying architecture, I graduated in building design and practiced for a few years, up until I finally managed to make my dream come true: I became PE teacher, and at present I work

Interview with Julia Anna Gospodarou

    Hello Julia, hope you are well. First, allow me to congratulate you on achieving Architecture Photographer of the Year title for your Urban Saga series in the International Photography Awards (IPA 2016). Please briefly tell us about yourself. I had my first camera

Interview with John Kosmopoulos

1. Hi John, I hope you are well. Briefly tell us about yourself. I am a fine art photographer based in Toronto but I consider myself a true citizen of the world like my namesake. I am also an analyst and educator in the Behaviour