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In our magazine we are focusing on Black and White photography’s style and philosophy disregarding colors to reduce its effect on readers to its essential components. The final scope is obtained by a clever balance among shadows, lights and grey tone gradients. Taking minimalistic photos would not be that much easy. The considered elements in photos are required to be kept in minimum, and essentially they need to carry the main idea and symbolism meant by the photograph.
Minimalism attempts to use as few details as possible to convey a concept, create a unique visual experience, or tell a story. You will be able to create a photo with a big impact, and provide the viewer with a glimpse into a moment in time by incorporating an interesting subject, the right elements, lighting, and angles. Remember, simplified photos can have a powerful effect when they are well-composed.


B&W Minimalism team :


Milad Safabakhsh



Bogdan Marchevca

Mohadese Bafghizadeh


Arezou Nazem