Michael  Rudzikewycz

I’m a photographer currently living In the state of Pennsylvania, US. However,) lived the majority of my life on Long Island, New York. While living there, I traveled all throughout the Island, from coast to coast seeking out anything interesting to photograph. I picked up a camera over ten years ago and haven’t slowed down since. Over time I’ve realized my favorite subjects were best photographed during unfavorable weather conditions.

Whenever there was a day off from my day job and bad weather matched up, I was out with my camera. There’s a lot that inspires me to get out and photograph my surroundings. Music, movies, books, it all inspires me. Even viewing genres of photography that I don’t shoot, I find myself getting motivated to keep learning this beautiful craft. I take my approach to photography seriously but I don’t take myself seriously.

To me, photography is fun. My only expectations are to keep learning and discovering what makes photography amazing. Anything else that comes along is a welcomed bonus. At the end of the day, if I was able to get out and look for a photograph to make, regardless of the outcome, the process of photography is a blessing life has given me.

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