Stavros Stamatiou

A raven’s dream

The series “A raven’s dream” is an attempt to deal with the uncanny (“unheimlich”-), to dive into an age of innocence where everything seemed to be mysterious, enigmatic, sometimes ominous. It is an attempt to explore a place where “all that was meant to be hidden have been exposed to the light”, an attempt to reconstruct indistinct memories, to reveal hidden secrets, to confront my childhood phobias and guilt, to exorcise them.

The whole experience of making these pictures has a redemptive intensity, as I expose myself to an almost psychoanalytic process.

Photography to me is a personal way of  interpreting the world and, at the same time, a key that allows me to unlock fears and hopes that lie deep inside.

The title “A raven’s dream” is a reference to the work of  Edgar Alan Poe.

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