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Bnw Minimalist Photography Prize 2024

Black & White Minimalism Magazine Announces 2024 Prize Winners.

Black & White Minimalism Magazine ( is proud to announce the winners of the prestigious 2024 Black and White Minimalist Photography Prize. Despite the focused theme – minimalist black and white photographs –This year’s competition attracted a strong showing of 1300 submissions, showcasing the enduring appeal of minimalism in black and white photography.

Grand Prize and Recognition

We are delighted to declare Yvonne C. Krystovsky as the 2024 Grand Prize winner for their captivating photograph titled “In Great-Grandpa’s hands”. She will receive a well-deserved cash prize of $1000 and international recognition.

Second and Third Place

Following close behind are Daniel Zaleski with “Minimalist Concrete Staircase” and Alexandre Caetano with “On top of Serra da Capelada”. Both photographers have demonstrated exceptional talent in the minimalist black and white style.

Honoring Finalists

The competition also recognizes a select group of talented photographers with a showcase of their work as Finalists. These individuals pushed the boundaries of minimalist black and white photography and deserve recognition for their artistic vision.

Celebrating Excellence

The winning photographs and Finalists will be prominently featured in the annual Black & White Minimalist Photography Prize book and exhibition, reaching a global audience. This prestigious platform provides well-deserved recognition to these talented artists and offers a visual feast for enthusiasts of minimalist black and white photography. In addition, the winning works will be showcased on our high-traffic social media galleries, garnering thousands of views and potentially elevating the artists’ careers to even greater heights.

2024 Jury Members

Alexandre Manuel – Professional Photographer

Tim Nevell – Landscape Photographer

Milad Safabakhsh – Chief editor of BNW Minimalism Magazine.

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