International Exposure
We’ll publish your article on the Black and white Minimalism magazine website, introducing your ideas and knowledge to the thousands of photography artists and enthusiasts around the world.
Expand the scope of photography knowledge
As a writer and researcher in this field, you will help to improve it and make it more comprehensive. Your knowledge will illuminate the path to the future.
A gift for your passion
By submitting ten articles, we’ll send you Minimalismmag’s annual book as a gift to appreciate your efforts.

– Send your photography articles (zip) in order to publish on the website.
– There is no limit to the number of submissions.
– All submitted articles will be published on the website.
– Photos used in the articles must be taken by the author himself or have permission to use the photos.
– All articles should be written in English.
– Articles must be related to photography and it’s not necessary to be related to minimalist photography especially.
– Articles must have at least 400 words.
– The articles which selected by our editors are published in the “Editor’s Choice” section and can be published in the black and white Minimalism magazine.
– Articles should be written by the submitter and in case of using other studies in the article, you must cite the references.
– Those who have more than 10 published article on the website will receive a copy of the annual book of Black and white Minimalism Magazine as a gift.
– Submitting and publishing of the articles is free.

– Send your photography series (zip) in order to publish on the website.
– Each photographer can submit at most two collection in a month.
– All submitted collections will be published on the website.
– The photo collections must be black and white or monochrome.
– All photos must be taken with the artist.
– The statement of the photo collection must contain 300 words.
– You need upload at least 8 photographs of the series.
– All photos of the submitted collection must have a minimalistic approach.
– Selected photo collections by the editor, has a chance to be published in the printed version of the magazine.
– Statement must be written in English.
– Submitting and publishing of the articles is free.

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