Complex simplicity of minimalism.


The word minimalism speaks for itself. In a photo, this is the minimum number of elements in the frame composition. It would seem that nothing is easier. However, to implement a minimalistic solution in the depicted plot, the main working “tool” is only the borders of the frame – two pairs of parallel lines that intersect perpendicular to each other, forming a rectangle that will determine its content. When the environment is happening all at once, not so easy to stop your eyes on one thing, even harder to put it in the border frame, given the size of the object, illumination, location, shading, colors, perspective and so on. It is most easy to do this in the snowy winter in nature. But why look for the easy way out?

image by: Varvara Shtern

City streets are a great ” simulator” for a minimalist photographer, which makes the brain work one hundred percent. It is here, in the crowd of events, people, heaps of buildings, advertising structures, all sorts of fences, birds, Windows, reflections, reflections, shadows of colors and lines, that you can ” cheer up” your brain, setting it the task-to cut off everything superfluous, to isolate the frame indicated by only a few strokes, or only one specific (selected) plot

image by: Varvara Shtern

I was in the beginning of the wire. These very concise structures of power lines with simple poles and clear lines of wires can be a good graphic composition. With them, it’s easy to add perspective to the image, but you can’t run away with the plot. And over time, it gets boring. Looking for minimalism on the streets of the city is the most interesting of tasks. But after practicing with the wires, my eyes constantly wander over the roofs, not wanting to go down to the people. I have to force myself not to look up above the first floor.

image by: Varvara Shtern

A very good technique is to go to the shooting, having previously determined for yourself one shooting element. That is, for example, shadows. And only shoot them. Then combine the two selected parameters, for example, red and lines. Searching for a frame becomes more difficult, but more interesting. Having worked out a sufficient number of elements, you can safely apply them simultaneously, that is, look and see simultaneously, but separately, shadows, lines, shapes, colors, and even people – as objects. But about people-this is a completely different story.




Complex simplicity of minimalism

Varvara Shtern – (c) Copyright 2020