[…] Ah, we who live in one…

generation every generation

lived here, in these lands now

humiliated, we have no notion

true of those who are part of history

just for oral, magical experience;

and lives pure, not beyond memory

of the generation in which presence

of life is its peremptory life. […]


[…]And if we turn to that past…

Which is our privilege, other rivers

Here’s People’s Singing: Recovered

has been our motorcycle since the Christians

origins, but stay back, still,

that song. It repeats the same.

In the evenings no more torches but globes

of light, and the periphery doesn’t seem

other, not other new guys… […]


freely taken from Il canto popolare

by Pier Paolo Pasolini


PHOTO by: Enzo Crispino

I was born in Frattamaggiore (Naples) and I live in the province of Reggio Emilia, I am a self-taught photographer and I inform myself through online forums and specialized magazines. Photography was a journey started by chance, then over time it has become a real passion and an essential part of my life. It has allowed me to see with new eyes what surrounds me, focusing my attention on themes that are always current, such as the intensive cementing of the territory, the abandoned rurality and the loss of identity of the territory. The work I am presenting is inspired by these verses from a poem entitled “Il canto popolare” by an important Italian poet Pier Paolo Pasolini where he described the radical change in Italy during the years of great economic development between 1955 and 1970. In that long period

PHOTO by: Enzo Crispino

of strong change, the rurality has begun to shrink more and more giving space to the new industrial development of the country. And in many areas of Italy the territory began to change irreversibly, wherever there were totem industrial products to occupy those fields, which were once cultivated and were sustenance for many peasant families, and offered fodder for livestock. Thus a new dogma and a new culture was born; industrial civilization, factory work.

PHOTO BY: Enzo Crispino

The relationship between Man and the Earth since time immemorial has been symbiotic of Respect and Love, an almost sacred relationship, where it is born and formed: Identity, Roots, Culture and above all History. The History of a place, where every place is Unique that encloses within itself and preserves its cultural identity. A kaleidoscope of cultural roots that are the richness of a people, of a nation.

PHOTO BY: Enzo Crispino

The poet Pasolini in writing his verses already testified us (it was the ’60s) the pain and regret of a cultural loss that was happening in the country. Today, my gaze is everywhere in the region where I live in the Po Valley, where I live, only sees factories and cement, no more fields to cultivate but only cement…





Factory by Enzo Crispino

Enzo Crispino – (c) Copyright 2020