Marc  Schmidtmayer

Light, atmosphere, beauty and mystery are the words I like to associate with photography and to me, monochrome is the medium where all these elements are at their best. Without the distractions of colour, it also allows the viewer to be more imaginative while looking at the image. Moreover, monochrome allows me to express my ideas more clearly.

I shoot what charms or interest me. In particular, subjects that spark my curiosity. In general, when I look at pictures, the ones I like most have something particular in common, i.e. mood and imagination. So it’s no surprise that my main concern is not to document the ‘reality’ at the moment the picture was taken. Instead, I want to reflect what I experienced at that very instant, the way that scene felt like and/or I had imagined it.

For me, the best pictures are those which convey a sense of mystery and wonder about our world. I really wish that one day I’ll be able to make such kind of pictures…

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