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Long Exposure Explained

  The term Long Exposure (LEP) or Slow Shutter Photography refers to a technique that involves longer shooting times than those indicated by the camera’s photometer and allows the photographer to blur the moving objects, while  sharply capturing the stationary elements. Examples of this type

Markus Kaesler

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE Reduction is increasingly a central motif in my work. The simplification of form, the return of photography to its most basic optical rules, and the subsequent reduction in color, form the basis of my photographic work.The resulting implementation, with self-made

Madiha Abdo

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE I have been interested in photography since childhood, perhaps due to the fact that my uncle occasionally used to take me to his darkroom, giving me my first own small camera when I reached the age of ten. This childhood

Steve Cheetham

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE I have been interested in photography from a very young age and as a teenager spent many hours learning monochrome processing & printing.  This knowledge has been useful to me in the move to digital capture and processing and I

Tim Booth

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE Tim Booth has been working as a photographer since the 1980’s. He began by assisting a wide variety of fashion, food, interior and car photographers before embarking on his own career, initially working with a writer providing news and travel

B&W Minimalism Magazine 08

B&W Minimalism Magazine 08     Featuring article by George Digalakis, Minimalist artists: Markus Kaesler, Steve Cheetham, Tim Booth, Madiha Abdo, … View On // Issue      

X1D کاوش در شهر با هاسلبلاد

  دوستان سلام، علی رجبی هستم، هنرمند تجسمی، هاسلبلاد مستر و سخنران در شهر نیویورک. در ابتدای امر اجازه می خواهم مقاله خود را با نام خدا آغاز کرده و سپس از میلاد تشکر کنم که از من دعوت کرد بعضی از تجربه های اخیرم

Ondřej Růžička

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE I was born 38 years ago in Litoměřice, Czech republic. I bought my first Canon Ixus camera at the age of 21. Then she came to my first SLR camera and the shooting became addicted to me. At first I

Giuseppe Foti

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE I’m an italian photographer based in the United Kingdom. I started taking pictures more than five years ago and it took me quite a long time to find my photographic niche. Finally, I found the answer to be the simplest.

Dicky Sangadji

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE Dicky sangadji is a doctor and self-taught photographer from Indonesia. He was born in 1988 and  grew up in Ternate city, North Maluku. Indonesia. Now he is studying internal medicine. his passion for photography started in 2012 by using mobile