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Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang Stephen grew up in Queens New York. Years later through travel in New Mexico he found his eye. And his soul. In his teens and early twenties music and designing graphics helped him find an avenue for expression. Not being educated in either

Philipp Pusch

Philipp Pusch Berlin based artist Philipp Pusch, was born in 1989 in a small town in the east of Germany called Frankfurt/Oder. After he finished his training for media design he started studying visual communication in Potsdam. The time when he started to work in

Pamela Aminou

Pamela Aminou Biography: Photography started for me as an escape. However, I use it as a mean of selfexpression; a way to document my emotion. Through each image I make, I am able to transcribe what I felt that day and time, to better understand

Katia Platonova & Andrey Kazakov

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE Man in Hat by Katia Platonova and Andrey Kazakov When we started Man in Hat project, we were inspired by an idea of a man as a mediator between two worlds. Grip of ordinary, well-known life contains lots of inapparent

Julien Carcano

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE Julien Carcano is a complete Artist in its deep meaning. He has always been evolving within Arts, always in need of discovering new horizons and novelty. From the right beginning, his appetite for the Art environment drove him to the

B&W Minimalism Magazine 09

B&W Minimalism Magazine 9     Featuring article by Julia Anna Gospodarou, Minimalist artists: Katia Platonova & Andrey Kazakov, julien Carcano, Stephen Lang, Pamela Aminou, Philipp Pusch, … View On // Issue      

Long Exposure Explained

  The term Long Exposure (LEP) or Slow Shutter Photography refers to a technique that involves longer shooting times than those indicated by the camera’s photometer and allows the photographer to blur the moving objects, while  sharply capturing the stationary elements. Examples of this type

Markus Kaesler

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE Reduction is increasingly a central motif in my work. The simplification of form, the return of photography to its most basic optical rules, and the subsequent reduction in color, form the basis of my photographic work.The resulting implementation, with self-made

Madiha Abdo

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE I have been interested in photography since childhood, perhaps due to the fact that my uncle occasionally used to take me to his darkroom, giving me my first own small camera when I reached the age of ten. This childhood

Steve Cheetham

BLACK AND WHITE MINIMALISM MAGAZINE I have been interested in photography from a very young age and as a teenager spent many hours learning monochrome processing & printing.  This knowledge has been useful to me in the move to digital capture and processing and I