Gerard  Doolan

Stepping out into solemn dawn; the city was coming to terms with Andrew Cuomo’s lockdown restrictions and the machine of the metropolis had ground to a dramatic stop. Long, black clouds enveloped the whole island while the streets below whispered the piercingly silent confusion of a threateningly unknown world.

The function and complex order of life had been dismantled and prowling Manhattan, haunting human shadows stared from the eyes of a thousand blind windows in the sky. Isolated icons cast into monumental prisons of cement and aluminium, lonesomely standing like eternally smoking tombs.

And yet, despite this torn, distracted age it is inevitable that the city will endure and we will return to discover in it new experiences we have only dreamt about. A time when the sleepy mist lifts and a blazing sun squints upon a new New York dawn.

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