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Global Photography SDG’s Contest A worldwide photography contest that rewards pictures that capture either the challenges or the opportunities towards accomplishment the sustainable development goals in 2030

Mission To Raise awareness of the sustainable development goals challenges and opportunities using global photography contest as a catalyst of awareness and an invitation to act and join causes to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals. Photography has this visual power to convey a message without having to use a thousand words to convince anybody about the urgency to act, or to support the change that it has been created

Personal Moon shot Become a worldwide enabler in raising awareness of the sustainability development challenges and opportunities through the use of photography as an inspiration and a call to action. The context becomes the most revere photo context worldwide and is every year rewarded in key social impact forums such as Cannes and Sustainable brands and is followed by itinerant exhibitions around the world and sponsored by Corporations and NGOS’s that are actively contributing to the goals .

How does it work? The contest is connected to the 17 sustainable development goals for 2030 and annually awards photography that is able to capture the challenges and the progress in each one of the SDG. This will be a balanced approach destined not only to raise awareness of the gravity of each one of the issues but also the progress towards the accomplishment of them

The 2 winners in each category (challenge and progress winners) will be awarded with a prizes to be defined. All photographers are welcome to participate, be them amateur semi-professionals or professional. They will need to submit their photos under certain technical and content criteria (to be determined) but that ensures that the submissions can be used to be used in exhibitions and that also raise awareness with clarity of the challenge and the progress. The idea is that each year in a global forum such as Cannes or similar and under a subcategory of social impact or in a totally different category called SDG’s 2030 photo contest we not only give visibility of the goals but also put an image to them that can actually be used to raise awareness and serve as a call to action to accelerate the efforts towards the accomplishment of the goals

What is unique about this approach? To date there are several global photo contests in the world such as the Nat Geo travel contest, or the Shot for sustainability competition that rewards photos that capture what sustainability means to people, or The Nature Conservancy photo contest design to capture the beauty of the planet in 5 different categories such as People and Nature, Landscape, Water Wildlife and cities and Nature.

However, none of them are really raising awareness of the SDG’s and the challenges and opportunities to accomplish them.Today there is no photographic effort that helps to achieve that and certainly not a global forum where this work can be showcased and recognized . And photography has both an inspirational and a very blunt way to pass the message and invite to action. We plan to use Cannes festival in June every year to recognize this effort and gain global visibility.

At the same time we can bring together corporations and NGO’s as well as United Nations, that have a vested interest in promoting the awareness of these issues and also to use that as an excuse to promote their own work. In that sense we can get them to sponsor this effort and be the ones to recognize them.


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DEADLINE: Nov 30, 2020


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