Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

From a young age greatly he attracted me painting as a means of expression, (I remember as a child spend hours scribbling pages).But life took me in other ways. After a couple of attempts to get back to painting the picture I found a very suitable medium. With the advent of digital technology and the provision of more free time it is when I start to devote more intensely to this activity. Photography is, for me, fun to too many hours I spend. Actually I am a painter who can not draw and the camera is in an excellent replacement brushes. I extremely interested in composition but still more light and how to model with her.

 I have no preferences in the type of work (landscape, urban, portrait, b & w or color). My path runs from the countryside to urban reportage and hence a “fantastic realism”. I do not have official studies in this area and learn almost everything through hard work at the computer. Self­taught always my influences range from school obscurantism to the Impressionists and black cinema. I have been published in some magazines and have won several awards My current activity is mainly focused on the search for a form of expression increasingly refined and consistent with what I say.

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