Daniel  Dencescu

I am an artist, born and raised in Romania, living now in Frankfurt, Germany. As a child, I wanted to become a painter and I began to study painting by my own, having a lot of art books at home from my parents. My passion for fine art photography started in 2008. In my images I try to capture the silence, being interested in the poetry of the ordinary, always searching for expression in the commonly overlooked scenes that surround us.

 I enjoy photographing in bad weather, when the landscape is covered with snow, fog and mist or simply under an endless grey sky. My photography is based on a minimalist approach, using negative space which aims to reduce distraction by eliminating objects that are outside the main subject.

I developed my vision towards fine art black and white photography, with minimalistic compositions, lines and shapes to show an abstract version of what we see with our own eyes.

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