Marco  Sanges

These photographs are part of my project ‘Portraits’ shot all along my career, these characters are marked by provocatively exaggerated features, gestures, and expressions. Formal distortions and an emphasis on the physical and inner characteristics Through a sincere journey, I wanted to trace the multifacetedness
of emotions and feelings, depicting what being ‘human’ means. 

Every wrinkle or scar is part of an intimate story that I wished to froze on paper. Rich storytelling, vibrancy and recovery are the main pillars in this series where the mind and body are subtly united, taking the viewer into a personal introspective. 

I found portraiture fascinating, as a barometer of the world, and holds a mirror up to nature in reflecting human path of life. All images are shot in analogue and printed in the darkroom, following the original crafts and processes of photography. 

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