Wiesje  Peels

‘I show with light and shadow the world that is in your head and heart and the battle between them’. Nature and imagination are central to the work of Wiesje Peels. In her recent project ‘Nest’, which consists photographs, text and drawings by Wiesje and her daughter Trijntje (15). We sketch a (dream) world based on stories from our own life’s, sources of inspiration from literature, film and performative arts. All this against the background of the ever-present nature in our work.

Due to the lack of colour in the photography, they say that they sketch ‘existentialist black and white images’. As if color is reality and black and white the truth. We indicate the origin of life by means of a special collaboration between mother and daughter. Trijntje has been a source of inspiration since the beginning of the series, but also a co-artist. We work together in the project and thus show how personal the work of an artist can become. The themes and content come directly from the family

Choices are made together and images are composed by us two. Trijntje looks through images, according to Wiesje. She is not only a subject but we work together on the wonderful world of props, people from the family circle and imaginative environments. For example, we travelled to Sweden to photograph in the landscape where filmmaker Ingmar Bergman shot his famous epic The Seventh Seal.

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