Jürgen Lechner

Member of the Federal Association of Artist of the Fine Arts in Germany.

Born in Nuremberg, Lechner now resides in Eckental in the south of Germany. He began his career as a photo lab technician apprentice, then moved onwards to an apprenticeship as a photographer, and is now a member of the Federal Association of Artist of the Fine Arts in Germany. Jürgen’s creations reflect this journey; his efforts reflect what is possible by slowing down.

In this era of instant gratification, Jürgen Lechner places enormous emphasis on a slowed-down photographic process that brings forth energy and passion in his artworks. Far too many things in life happen quickly and he feels that by taking control of the speed at which his art is created allows for a more practical experience and enjoyment of place and time. As with all artists across the globe, the award-winning German photographer aims to create artistically inspired pieces that are based on his own inner vision, providing a significant impact on the world as a whole. 

Huge efforts go into his work—from subject matter and composition, to light and depth—all while bringing forward emotion that cannot be achieved by working quickly. Jürgen also feels that black and white photography (long exposure or otherwise) opens up a realm that might not be attainable in other mediums of the art and his methods are only 100% complete with the print and presentation.

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