World Nature Photography Awards

When great science and great art combine, amazing things can be achieved. That’s the philosophy behind the World Nature Photography Awards, a global nature photography contest for planet Earth.

Our vision is of a planet in which climate change has been reversed and man’s relationship with the planet shifts to be one of protection rather than plunder. And as COVID-19 temporarily leads to a clearing up of our skies and waters, there seems no more timely a reminder of the fact that we are only here on planet Earth as guests.

We believe in the power of photography to put a spotlight on the majesty and wonder of the natural world around us, reminding us to take action now to secure a better tomorrow for us all.

The mission of the World Nature Photography Awards is to celebrate the world’s best nature photographers whilst showcasing nature’s beauty to a wider audience. We are also committed to helping climate change organisations, with all profit from entry fee income being donated to the world’s leading charities working in this area.


ENTRY: Paid Entry

DEADLINE: Aug 15, 2020


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