Andreas Paehge


Andreas was born in Bremen, a city in the north of Germany but he lives and works in the nice Ruhr area in West-Germany since many years. He has been actively photographing since 2012 when he bought his first digital camera.

Andreas Paehge photography

It did not take long for him and he detected his passion for architecture photography. This passion took him to a lot of places in Germany and other countries to visit architecture buildings and metro stations which are the source for his fine art pictures. But he’s specialized on night and landscape photography as well.

Andreas Paehge photography

He’s specialized to post process his pictures in Photoshop and to use luminosity techniques to give his pictures this special look and feel. At the end his objective is to give his pictures and buildings a soul based on painting with light and shadows.

Andreas Paehge photography

He’s always working on developing his photo techniques to improve the quality of his work.

“Photographing is a never ending story which takes you to such great places around the world where you can catch the time with one click”

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