Pamela Aminou

Pamela Aminou : Photography started for me as an escape. However, I use it as a mean of selfexpression; a way to document my emotion.
Through each image I make, I am able to transcribe what I felt that day and time, to better understand my reality and most importantly to interpret the world around me. This allows me to engage more deeply with where I am in space and time. My goal is to make photographs that draw viewer’s attention. I focus on details of both the present and the past, a way to see how far we’ve come.
My choice of subjects come from my interest of aesthetic and how we are able to shape the world around us. Each subject documents our generation, our growth, and connection to the environment around us.

 My photos and process are deeply personal and reflect my vision of the world and my state of mind at particular times in my life.
In this series, that I’ve called Dark Hope, each image grows from deep shades to light shades of greys, in a subtle exploration of our feelings towards ourselves and our relationship with hope. Dark in the title refers to how much of our worst enemy we can sometime be.
Hope, however refers to having faith in something that you cannot see. Having faith that tomorrow can be better than today. Having faith in yourself and push yourself towards your goal no matter how much doubt and fear you may have. Most importantly not listening to these voices and believe that you are better, you can be better, and most importantly you can do better.

As a photographer, I’m drawn to the sky and architecture, two elements meaningful to us as humans, ever-present in our lives but with very different significance. I love long exposure as it slows down time and lets the mind and imagination almost dance. For me, each photo has a story and my aim is to show the beauty around us.

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