Anthony Lamb

Anthony Lamb : I  was  born  and  educated in the  UK and having completed an  Art  Foundation  in  1996  I obtained  a  BA   in   Furniture and  Product  Design in the year 2000. My interest in  photography was   a    combination    of    a number of influences – when I was    younger,   I   was   lucky enough to travel to some fantastic locations such as the Alps, Lake District and Scotland which fueled my appreciation for large open spaces. My mother was interested in photography and art and my grandfather was an artist all his life. While backpacking in Australia in 2002 I discovered a landscape photographer by the name of Peter Lik who captured huge panoramic photographic landscapes and opened my eyes to what was possible with a camera. From that moment I was hooked.

I’ve always liked clean design, minimal modern art, simple compositions in landscape paintings, symmetry and balance. It always made sense to me that when composing a photograph, the image should be simplistic and uncluttered. This minimal style reflects a calm sense of mood which is my overall intention. I’ve always been more interested in shooting less recognisable locations as it adds more intrigue to the photograph, finding beauty in places that may be dismissed and composing simplistic photographic scenes to produce something unexpected.

I’m drawn to water, so you will see this appearing in much of my work. Beaches, lakes, oceans; they all hold photographic opportunities due to the changing reflective light, the movement and mood that water can produce with long exposures and the right conditions. I’ve visited places across the world such as Australia, USA, South Africa, UK, France, India, Italy, Greece, Jordan and Dubai where I currently reside. Each of these locations has influenced the evolution of my photographic style.

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