Ross Nicholson

I have been involved in photography for four years. While I have matured in age, my style is also maturing into a confident monochromatic medium. ‘Subliminal Tones’ is a term I have adopted and tagged to black and white images I’ve created from traveling in and around Scotland and I’m actively working to expand this portfolio as much as possible.

The minimalistic style I work hard to create details various subliminal monochromatic tones and motivates me towards creating my black and white vision. The tonal effect I strive to create encompasses beautiful smooth calm water, long flowing clouds with contrasting gradients of blacks, whites and tones of greyscale and beautiful focal points in-between.

I produce the majority of my images by adopting the ‘Long Exposure’ process. Depending on the desired outcome of the image, some images can see exposure time anywhere from fifty seconds to six minutes using my trusted ND filter. This filter is something I am very passionate about due to its ability to create the highest standard image possible.

To this day, I have never been brave enough to enter my photography into competition territory however, in the next year or two, competition entry (and success) will be a personal goal I would like to achieve.

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