Lorenzo Mancini

Lorenzo Mancini is a belgian photographer living in Tournai.
Passionate about sharp contrasts, he only uses natural lighting. What predominates the most in his work is his attraction to blacks combined with a strong contrast. He loves the fact that from his pictures a dark and tormented side is perceived. Through years and through time his passion has now become his addiction.
Guided by this devotion every detail and every moment is immortalized and better relived. Photography is for him a clear escape, the logical extension of his conception
of the real and unreal world surrounding us, which is sometimes idealistic, sometimes nostalgic…

Sensual Fragments :
This series is meant to be an ode to sensuality in which the women is displayed in her purest form.
As part of a minimalist approach, this series leaves no room for any tricks so as to focus only on the essential.
The choice of black and white reinforces this wish by avoiding the potential distractions of colour.

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