Daniel Řeřicha

I was born in 1972 in Krupka, Czech Republic and have been living there all my life. As a child I loved landscape, I like travelling and finding new interesting places. As almost every person, I took a camera for almost every trip and vacation to make interesting shots of different places. So at the beginning it was just a travelling with compact camera.

I started to think more about photography in 2000. That time I get a book about photography as a gift and after few months later I bought a first film camera Pentax. I enter the world of digital photography 4 years later and at the beginning of 2006 I had my first digital camera Canon. I was completely absorbed by photography and from that time my every trip and vacation is subordinated by photography.

If I have to classify myself to exact category, I am definitely a landscape photographer. Landscape was always passion for me, but recently I identify, that classic color landscape photography looks complicated and orderless for me. That brought me to BW photography, which looks more simple and clearly for me.

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