bnw minimalism magazine

B&W Minimalism Magazine 21

  B&W Minimalism Magazine 21     Featuring the artists: Wiesje Peels, Katya Evdokimova, Frank Machalowski, Frederic Demeuse, Will...
Minimalism magazine issue 19

B&W Minimalism Magazine 19

  B&W Minimalism Magazine 19     Featuring Minimalist artists: Alexandre Manuel, Emilija Petrauskiene, Eric Frey, Antigone Kourak...
Dominique Philippe Bonnet

Dominique Philippe Bonnet

  Dominique Philippe Bonnet is a French photographer who commenced photography at an early age, in a silver gelatin darkroom. He is exhibiting in variou...
Charles Brabin photography

Charles Brabin

  Urban Minimalism: Paring Down a Complex World The built environment is replete with repeating motifs, lines, contrasts and textures, set in brick...
Bnw Minimalism magazine 18


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minimalism magazine 16


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Hesamadin Bagheri Kafash

Hesamadin Bagheri Kafash

There has been music in Iran and the Middle East for a long time, and this art has undergone many changes due to political and historical changes. The form ...
neil hulme

Interview Neil Hulme

Hello Neil, hope you are well, please briefly tell us about yourself. My Name is Neil Hulme, I was born in Liverpool in 1965 and i live in the north west of...
Startup Art Fair Los Angeles

Startup Art Fair Los Angeles

  Bypassing the traditional gallery system, stARTup connects hungry art buyers to highly curated up-and-coming artists. There, you will discover&nb...