We are thrilled to bring you the exhilarating news of the winners of the fifth edition of the Minimalist Photography Awards. This prestigious competition has once again captured the essence of minimalist artistry, showcasing the brilliance of photographers from around the world.

The Minimalist Photography Awards is a significant competition dedicated to celebrating the art of minimalist photography. It aims to recognize and honor exceptional artists working within this genre on a global scale. Organized by the Bnw Minimalism Magazine, the awards stand as a testament to the magazine’s commitment to promoting and showcasing minimalist photography. Milad Safabakhsh, the founder of the contest, established it with the goal of providing a platform for minimalist photographers to showcase their unique perspectives and creative visions.


Gleici Rufatto
Gleici Rufatto - 2nd Place Winner ( Abstract Category )
Francesco Luongo
Francesco Luongo - 1st Place Winner ( Aerial Category)
Michael Jurek
Michael Jurek - 1st Place Winner ( Architecture Category )

In this remarkable fifth edition, we received an overwhelming response, with over 3,100 awe-inspiring photographs submitted from 32 countries. The creativity, dedication, and passion of each artist were evident in every submission, making the task of selecting the winners both inspiring and challenging and finally the British photographer, Martin Annand, who won the title of Minimalist Photographer of the Year 2023

Milad Safabakhsh eloquently describes the essence of the Minimalist Photography Awards: The Minimalist Photography Awards stand as a collective of artists who craft quiet narratives by stripping away distractions, allowing visual stories to emerge from the interplay of light, shadow, and subject.

Luke David
Luke David - 1st Place Winner ( Conceptual Category )
Jana Luo
Jana Luo - 3rd Place Winner ( Fine Art Category)
Paolo Veneziani
Paolo Veneziani - 2nd Place Winner ( Landscape Category )
Dennis Schulz
Dennis Schulz - 2nd Place Winner ( Long exposure Category )
Jonathan Knight
Jonathan Knight - 1st Place Winner ( Night Category)
Klaus Lenzen
Klaus Lenzen - 1st Place Winner ( Open Category )
Patricia Van de Camp & Marc Heesterbeek
Patricia Van de Camp & Marc Heesterbeek - 1st Place Winner ( Portrait Category )
Glenn Homann
Glenn Homann - 1st Place Winner ( Street Category)

The fifth edition of the Minimalist photography awards included 12 categories, which prominent figures from the photography industry were the jury of the contest.


Péter Baki – Director of the Hungarian Museum of Photography

Tanja Warring  – Curator of Muzeum Susch

Ali Rajabi – Hasselblad Master & Lecturer

Diana Poole – Art Advisor & Curator

Milad Safabakhsh – Founder of Minimalist Photography Award



Check the link below to see all the winners of the 2023 Minimalist Photography Awards.

Minimalist Photography Awards Winners 2023

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