Nature in Action Photography Competition


The theme of this month’s competition is ‘Nature in Action’. Whether it’s battling birds, hopping hares, windy willows or intimate insects, anything is welcome into this nature and wildlife competition.

You may like to think of landscapes, seascapes, panoramas, underwater, waterfalls, wildlife, flowers, or whatever your creativity captures in this all embracing photographic competition. Your images can depict any element of our natural world, though remember that our judges will be looking not only for a strong and interesting narrative but also the highest technical skills.

Remember the weather can play an important role in your creations, by introducing atmosphere and drama.

We encourage every creative photographer to enter this competition and share their talents amongst our passionate community.

Finally presentation can give your images that finishing touch so consider putting a border around the image and use a post-production to give your images that little extra.


ENTRY: Free Entry

DEADLINE: Jun 30, 2020

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