The Winners of AAP Magazine 9 Shadows

All About Photo has released the winners of the call for entry AAP Magazine#9 Shadows. The shortlisted include the top 25 photographers that were selected for their outstanding work. 199 photographers submitted more than 1600 images from all over the world.

AAP Magazine#9 Shadows closed on December 4th, 2019.
The First Place Winner Svetlin Yosifov from Bulgaria wins $500
The Second Place Winner Norma Córdova/Shesaidred from the United States wins $300
The Third Place Winner Lara Wilde from Germany wins $200

All 25 winners will have their work published in the 9th printed issue of AAP Magazine, a free copy of the magazine and their portfolio showcased in the Winners Gallery of

Congratulations to all the photographers who submitted their work and of course to the winners!

© Svetlin Yosifov
© Norma Córdova/ shesaidred
© Lara Wilde

Our beautiful printed magazine showcases the winners of AAP Magazine’s call of entries organized by All About Photo all year long. With an eye towards beauty, quality and novelty, we try to discover stunning portfolios and help photographers get the exposure we think they deserve.

© Anne Berry
© Carlos Antonorsi
© Patricia Lagarde
© Miloš Nejezchleb

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© Fran Forman
© Stephen Albair



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