Tomáš Morkes

I was born in Prague and I live in the town Teplice in the Czech Republic. I started to take pictures when I was 11 . My first camera was CERTO which I got from my grandfather as a Christmas gift. My grandfather taught me how to operate it manually and we were taking pictures of an old Prague together.

I started to take photography seriously when I was 18 when with my first SLR camera PRAKTIKA. I was developing b&w films and pictures by myself. In 2001 i started to be disappointed with the quality of 35 mm films and I decided to convert to a medium format. My first camera was an old YASHICA 124G MAT from 1970. I fell in love with the square format and I have been faithful to it till now.

My second medium format camera was MAMIYA. In 2005 with the launch of first available digital SLR cameras in terms of price I converted to NIKON camera and I am using this brand still today.

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